Friday, January 8, 2010

"Severe" winter weather

As anyone knows who lives in the South, we all hunker down at the slightest chance of snow. Milk and bread flies of the shelves of the grocery stores, schools close, and the local news cranks out hours and hours of coverage from their "severe winter weather" teams. The truth? We got some snow. We got some ice. It's probably not safe to drive on the roads. But "severe"? I think not. However, since everyone is staying in today, I think we should take a tip from Penny Lane and just curl up in bed with a good book. (If you are wondering what Penny is reading these days, it's Cuba Diaries: An American Housewife in Havana in preparation for my trip there this summer. She likes to stay abreast of international culture.)
Penny was none too happy this morning when she had to go outside. She has gotten a taste of winter this year for sure. I haven't seen her dash back inside that quickly in a long time. And she went immediately back to her favorite spot, curled up in the laundry that I have had every good intention of doing.
It is legitimate snow, however, and it is nice to feel like we got a real winter. I know my NYC and Philly friends will disagree that the snow is enjoyable, as they have been buried for far too long.
But for today, below the Mason Dixon, we have a lovely, quiet winter's morn. Maybe I'll make some french toast with all that milk and bread.

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