Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To Ugg or not to Ugg

On my quest to discover new blogs and to ponder the purchase of a pair of gray Uggs, I stumbled upon something that has changed my life and I know will change yours - Polyvore. Am I the only one who hasn't found this yet? If you are unlearned in the ways of Photoshop and Illustrator as I am, this will totally make your day. You can make sets of photos from all over the web, in fashion like I have done here, or you could even do some virtual interior designing like How About Orange did here. C'est un triomphe.

This is a look that I basically rock every day. I'm predictable like that. And old, and set in my ways. Jeans, tank top, long cardigan, big old earrings and a comfy scarf. And boots. But my boots are not so comfy, so I'm thinking of some boots like this. Now that I can see the Uggs...should I buy the Uggs? I have been pondering this a long time. As much as my feet are dying to be in them, is it too Pamela Anderson in a cut off jean skirt?

1 comment:

  1. I have them. I desire the grey sweatery ones. A lot.


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