Monday, December 14, 2009

Home town tour

I was out and about this weekend and decided to do a little tour of where I live. I am inside the Atlanta city limits, but just adjacent to City of Decatur, the cutest little town within a big city. It's just four and a half square miles. People who live here are very specific to say "City of Decatur" instead of just Decatur, they are a bit snobbish that way. But, I have lived here for around six years now, and I love it. I get the anonymity of the city and a small town feel at the same time. Here's the giant water tower with the city logo, which is also plastered all over the place in town.This is downtown Decatur, where there is great boutique shopping, coffee shops, pubs, condos, the most bad ass yogurt shop ever (they have Captain Crunch and Nutella as toppings).
And here's my church, I doctored up the photo a little bit. Ooooh, mysterious. We had our Moravian love feast at church on Sunday night. It's like an advent celebration with lots of choral music, carols, and the youth pass out coffee and sweet buns. I volunteered to bake a batch this year, and they took literally 5 hours to make. It was pretty intense for a Sunday afternoon. But the house smelled delicious, and I love kneading dough. Here's the bread rising...

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  1. I have so much love for my little hometown, too... even if it's freezing right now!


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