Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Post office mayhem and making cards

It took me three attempts at the post office (and TWO post offices) to finally get my stamps so I could mail all my holiday cards. I work from home, so I even got to go at odd hours when I thought there would be less people in line, but no luck. Here was my mistake - using old first class stamps that needed that little extra postage to make them legit. I went out of my way to a post office that I knew had a kiosk where I could just buy from the machine and be on my merry way, but after standing in line for that machine, I found out you can't even buy them there. So I waited, and waited, and waited and finally purchased my 2 cent stamps from the postal worker who appeared to have checked his personality at the door.
The view from the post office in Little Five Points, across from the Junkman's Daughter, which I used to think was the mecca of cool when I was in high school.

I made my cards again this year. I can never find cards I like in the store, I hate the generic sayings inside, too. So I got some blank cards and a new stamp at the craft store and used my embossing powder and hot air thingie that makes it all work (which is the purple phallic looking contraption there in the picture). If you have not embossed, I highly recommend it. It is minimal effort and it looks really fancy.

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