Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay

The giant old tree in front of my house bit the dust today. It was about 75% dead, limbs dropping all the time, and it was really time to pull the plug. So the tree-climber-cutter-downers, which you could call urban lumberjacks, arrived early this morning, strapped in to a harness and scaled the tree. I decided to stay and work at my desk in the front window, and was entertained until a limb swung from a rope uncomfortably close to the glass. I ducked out and came home to find a guy half up the tree and a gigantic pile of limbs blocking the front door. I squeezed in and tried to mentally block the drone of the chainsaws until it got dark. It's sad to see the old tree go. The lumberjacks showed me where the tree had been struck by lightning years ago, you could see the impact on the rings and the way the tree was starting to grow over it. The stumps and big slices of the trunk are scattered in the yard, which a guy will come and grind up tomorrow. Hasta luego, Mr. Tree.

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