Monday, November 30, 2009

Fry it if you've got it

We spent Thanksgiving in Sweetwater, Tennessee with old friends and family. Although we missed most of the autumn leaves, which had already dropped, East Tennessee was still as beautiful as ever. Sweetwater is just a three hour drive from Atlanta, so we loaded up in the trusty Honda and arrived around noon, just in time to munch on cocktail shrimp, drink a beer, and help fry the turkey.

Turkey frying is not as easy as it might look. The lead turkey fryer is a med student, as is his girlfriend, and we speculated on how many turkey frying related injuries the Sweetwater Hospital would see that day. It was chilly, and while Stephen was getting the turkey from the kitchen, Bailey and I warmed our hands over the heating oil. Ummm...turkey frying rule number one is apparently to stay far away from the oil. Oops.

Beer and frying on Thanksgiving, what could be more American. That bird smells like freedom.

I have to say, fried turkey is one of the finer things in life. Once it was done and we had a taste, we started to brainstorm other things we could deep fry before the oil went cold. Twinkies? Corn dogs? Just straight butter? We settled on bacon, which had already been smoked with the other turkey (there were three). Smoked, fried bacon is absolutely delicious.

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