Monday, November 16, 2009

Vintage sewing pattern wall art

I have been looking for ways to freshen up my apartment without spending any money. I was in need of a switcheroo on some artwork in my living room. I had one of my paintings up, and honestly, I was just tired of looking at it. So, I dug through my trusty box of fabric and craft supplies, and scrounged up some vintage sewing patterns I bought forever ago. I also used some scraps of fabric from a chair semi-upholstering I did recently, white spray paint, black and white poster board, and old frames. I usually have a stash of unused frames for moments like this.
I spray painted the frames white so the would have a cohesive look and chose my favorite pattern envelopes from the sixties and seventies. For the larger frame, I cut out a piece of fabric, black poster board mat, and white poster board mat and layered them. I couldn't find my ruler, so I free handed the cutting and measurements, but it worked out well, and I'm not so into measurements anyways. Voila, new vintage sewing pattern wall art. Project time: About 20 minutes.

And while I worked, Penny slept, as usual.

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