Thursday, November 12, 2009

My worst nightmare, and it's not white shoes after Labor Day

I have been absent from my beloved blogging for almost a week. My laptop, hard drive, camera and some other personal items were stolen from a friend's car last Friday night. Truly my worst nightmare. So, I lost some new pictures, my ability to document and update you on my fun house projects, which I have been continuing in spite of my grief.

What sucks the most is that I work for a nonprofit from home in a "virtual office", and my entire work life was wiped out. I've spent the week recreating my documents and finding them in emails, and cursing the ones that will have to come together over time. My mantra has been "it's just stuff, no one was hurt". And that is true, but it also seems like each day I realize something else that I have to redo or remake or come to terms that it's gone forever. My photos, my calendar, my contacts...see? The list multiplies. It's just stuff. No one was hurt.

To top it off, the thieves saw fit to take a couple of bags filled with some of my most prized possessions - my flat iron, make up bag, and new boots. What kind of low down dirty person would do that to someone else, I ask you? Ah, and they got a Ralph Lauren tuxedo from the charity auction we were coming back from. All I have to say is, we were broken into in Midtown, the gayest neighborhood in all of Atlanta, and I hope that all of that stuff went to a drag queen or at least a gay man with style. Then at least the stuff would go to good use.

The upside is that I have realized that there is much more in my brain than I give myself credit for, and that I can actually get by on that without my laptop. And I'm getting a new computer from work - better than the old Macbook, a Macbook Air. So I look forward to toting my new sweet laptop around and being the cool kid at the coffee shop. A silver lining in my tragedy.

I have borrowed a camera and I have documented the continued spray paint extravaganza that is going on in my house, along with some great new thrift store finds, my reorganized office, and the furniture switcharoo in my bedroom. I told you I've been busy!

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  1. So I'm a couple of weeks late - but BOOO. That sucks!

    New computer is a nice consolation though.


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