Monday, November 23, 2009

Jumping the gun

I caved. I am normally very anti-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving. However, I broke down at Ikea this weekend and bought some wrapping paper and ribbon. I justified this to myself by saying, well, I am not at Ikea very often (ummm, about once every six weeks?), it's kind of out of my way (ten minutes down the road), and it was on sale (99 cents for the paper, 25 cents for the ribbon). The only thing that really holds water is the sale. Oh well. But, what I am looking forward to is advent, which starts just after Thanksgiving. I always loved getting my advent calendar, which was always one of those cardboard ones with little chocolates inside. But there are some really creative advent calendars out there, and I'm thinking of making one myself this year. Here are some great handmade advent calendars from Etsy.
Bingo advent calendar by Shanty2Chic
Nativity puzzle advent calendar by woodencreations
Advent calendar pouches by nuvonova
Muffin tin advent calendar by everydaysamemory

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