Friday, October 16, 2009

An afternoon at the Met

I spent my work-free afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I wish I could say I got myself there by subway, but I was lazy and decided to cab it. Partially for my mother, whose great wish is that I get in the Cash Cab while I am here. She asks every time we talk, "Are you in the Cash Cab? Have you seen the Cash Cab?"

I spent most of my time in the modern art wing, looking for all the artists I studied in my contemporary art class in grad school (the ones I knew I would recognize by name). I got a latte, a hot dog from a street vendor, and headed in for a leisurely afternoon at the museum.And then I spent some time in the modern design wing, which is where I found an object d'art after my own heart....a vacuum cleaner. Sigh. I feel justified now in wanting a Dyson. It's not just a vacuum, it's a work of art.

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