Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm half-apologizing, Anthropologie

By now you know that I have a complex relationship with Anthropologie. It's mostly love, as in I desire most everything in their store and the shopping environment and experience they create. But I find a lot of their stuff overpriced, and some of it I just want to make myself, or find someone on Etsy who does. However, I also appreciate the inspiration I find there and the uniqueness of their brand. It's my wallet that can't handle it. Enter the Sundance Channel's new show "Man Shops Globe." You had me at shop.

The show follows Keith Johnson, a buyer for Anthropologie, as he travels to exotic locations in search of merch for the store. I thought I would hate it, and although I set my DVR to record, I didn't watch it until last night. I found that it was totally the opposite - it's a great show, and it gave me more respect for the company. You get a glimpse into the process of how they find their inpsiration and merchandise, and it's no small feat, scouring places like Turkey, Holland, and South Africa for artisans and crafts people who are making what looks new and fresh. Keith says his mantra is, "you always have to turn that last corner to find what you're looking for." So true, so true.

So Anthropologie, I'm offering my half-apology. I'm sorry I doubted your authenticity, but I still will probably stalk your shelves and find a way to DIY at home. But I will be watching the show, and coveting this guy's job. (And I find him oddly attractive, despite the fact that I'm 99% sure he's gay. Story of my life, girls.)

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