Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nine fab sites for the budget fashionista

Steals and deals, inspiration from stylish girls in the "real world" and style icons, and a little DIY fashion inspiration in the mix. Here are nine of my favorite sites for how to be a style maven on the cheap.

1. Weardrobe
Real people share what they are really wearing. Create a profile and upload your own pics of your daily style. (Or just read it in your pajama pants like I do.)

2. Threadbanger
Network for recycling, re-fashioning, and up-cycling anything and everything with simple sewing tools and techniques. Online webisodes, forum, blog, and contests.

3. Adored Austin
Indiana Adams in Austin, TX shares her wardrobe adventures, designer inspiration, thrift store and online shopping with her readers. I do adore her.

4. Lucky Style Spotter
Lucky magazine’s site for readers to share their looks. Lucky also picks their faves and gives expert advice.

5. Painfully Hip
Fashion forward finds for the weak of wallet.

6. What I Wore
Jessica Shroeder shares her excursions in thrift store shopping, sewing her own clothes, styling them up, and posts pictures of her fabulous outfits most every day.

7. The Look 4 Less
Using celebrity style inspiration to find the designer look for less cash.

8. The Budget Babe
How to be fabulous without a fortune. Enough said.

9. Frugal Fashionista
Celebrity looks on the cheap, sales tips, and the latest trends, a go-to source for style savvy gals on a budget.

And that's my top nine. Want to help me make it a top ten? Share your fave fashion sites.


  1. I love threadbanger.... I can imagine the "what I wore" sorts of things could be fun too... I am sure there are some interesting outfits.

  2. Threadbangers is awesome. I think I'm in the background of one of their older videos. :0)

    Also, thank you SO MUCH for including me in this list. I am crazy flattered!


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