Monday, October 5, 2009

Thrifting fall decor

Fall is my favorite season, but it hasn't felt much like fall around Atlanta until now. Summer here lasts until October. But now there is a nip in the air and every time I go to the grocery store I have to stop myself from buying a cart full of pumpkins and cinnamon brooms. I'm a girl on a budget, so I look for ways to do some funky, cute fall decor cheap, cheap, cheap.
A little bit goes a long way, I think, so I'm putting a few touches here and there. A basket full of mini pumpkins from Trader Joe's (a bag of 4 for $2.50), cinnamon scented pinecones from Big Lots (a huge bag for less than $5), and my adorable little owl dish, a sweet garage sale find ($4).

I'm putting pinecones all over the house, and they smell delish. I put them in my new 50's style green ceramic planter, a thrift store find for $2 - the others in my collection I paid much more for at antique stores. Mmmmm....cinnamon-y.

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