Monday, October 19, 2009

New York Undercover

New York was grey, rainy, windy and cold. I have been told that autumn in the city is lovely, but sadly the weather did not cooperate. And most of the time it looked like this...
I did have some time to visit the Mothership (i.e. the gigantic Anthropologie on 5th Avenue). I'm not so sure they appreciate paparazzi in the store, so my photography had to be stealth and via cell phone. My undercover photos aren't fantastic, but I picked a few things that will inspire some home and fashion projects around my house.
This sweater is adorable and also way out of my price range. But it is basically a cardigan with a scarf through the extra button holes. I already have a scarf in mind...
This tablecloth was gorgeous - a cream color with different antique looking doilies around the edges. I'm not sure that I will do a tablecloth, but I spotted some really inexpensive doilies at the craft store, so this will be another project inspiration I think.
Please accept my apologies in advance - I do not like to preemptively do Christmas, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. But they had some things stashed in the back in preparation for a holiday display, and I want to steal this idea. The photo is grainy, but it is basically a tree made from glittery white paper. I don't think I will do one this big, but this could be a great, inexpensive, recycled holiday project.

The rest of my NYC adventure was mostly work, but I did have some time today to enjoy a few hours of sunshine and wander around Chelsea and the Meatpacking District with my B.F.F. All in all, a great trip!

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  1. Cool pics, I also use my cell phone for sneakin pics haha. Thanks for the tip off though, I didn't know I was featured haha!


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