Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween poll

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday ever. As a craft-a-holic, I love to make my costumes. I have been Tina Turner, Carmen Miranda, Brenda Walsh, and Atlanta's own local celebrity Baton Bob (most people did not get that one until I told them who I was, and only an Atlantan would get it.)

This year, I've got a few ideas I'm tossing around, and I'm letting you help me decide. Vote in the poll on the side bar and let me know which costume idea you like best!
In the running are - Bjork in the infamous swan dress, Jem, Carmen Sandiego, Ikea (weird, I know, but cute), Jane Jetson, and Hitchcock blonde.

P.S. There are so many great costume ideas here at Coolest Homemade Costume!

And here is a little sampling of my costumes of yore (Tina Turner, Carmen Miranda, and Baton Bob)


  1. Jem - HELLOOOO she's truly outrageous... truly, truly, truly, outrageous! ;)

  2. the hitchcock one is Hi-larious.


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