Friday, October 30, 2009

Eve of All Hallow's Eve

It is a gray and rainy day before Halloween. I awoke to one of my most anticipated television moments of the year - the unveiling of the Today show host costumes. (This is totally dorky, I realize, but like a woman in retirement, I watch the Today show every morning.)
We are in full on Halloween mode now - I'm doing some last minute alterations to costumes to get ready for the party tomorrow night. I want to try to squeeze in a matinee of Paranormal Activity tomorrow just to set the mood. I am sad that I won't have trick or treaters this year. I moved to a new apartment, and I'm on the second floor, so no little ones.
I have gotten most everything for my costume, let's see if you can guess which one I picked. I apologize that I did not choose Jem (of Jem and the Holograms), but that would have required sewing the entire thing from scratch, and I just couldn't muster the Christian Siriano in me this year. Next time. It would be a fantastic costume!
Click here if you're dorky like me and want to see the Today Show crew in their costumes. And speaking of Christian Siriano, my favorite little elf from Project Runway, click here for the 50% off coupon for his line at Payless. It was announced on Oprah yesterday - it's only good until the end of the day today! You're so fierce.

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